Pantry Clear-Out Cooking: Keralan fish curry

Keralan fish curry

With two people in a house the size of a shoebox, stuff gets in the way. Dedicating two shelves to provisions is not viable when a wet suit, extensive collection of audio tapes and seven pairs of male shoes have to fit in the same closet. Time to clear at least one shelf. The start: a can of coconut milk that has been there for two years.

It formed the base for a Nigella Lawson recipe: Keralan fish curry. It is seriously easy to make, with slicing two onions thinly the most taxing step. The onions are fried with spices and doused in a mixture of coconut milk, fish stock and tamarind paste. (Bonus: that brought me closer to finishing a jar that has been taking up space in my fridge for eons.) Then bite-sized pieces of white fish are simmered in the sauce and a gentle curry is born, full of warm spice flavors. I served it with yellow rice and cauliflower roasted with cumin and piment d’Espelette, ate and felt warmed through and through. An excellent start to the pantry clear-out.

The recipe is here, on Nigella’s website.


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