Sauerkraut with a twist (sauerkraut "pizza" with onions and two cheeses)

When life hands you sauerkraut, you make pizza.


I did. My bag’o’vegetables brought a container of organic sauerkraut, and I didn’t want a hot dog to go with it. (Unusual, certainly, but there you have it.) Since my dislike of them has not abated yet, potatoes were out as an accompaniment, and cooking soup seemed like too much work. But luckily, there is always pizza.

Following the lead from this recipe, I fried an onion in olive oil and added a nice pinch of caraway seeds. When the onions had softened, I added a few handfuls of the sauerkraut and warmed the mixture thoroughly. Then I let it cool to lukewarm before stirring in about half a cup of grated cheese (30+ mature Gouda, for those interested).

I did not have a pizza crust on hand, but the droopy left-over flour tortillas in my drawer were crying out for oven heat and quick consumption. Perfect. Onto the tortillas the cheesy, oniony sauerkraut mixture went. Because I am of the more-is-more school when it comes to cheese, I topped it with a dusting of parmesan before sliding the “pizza” into a hot oven for about ten minutes.

What came out was tangy, slightly chewy, slightly crispy and somehow quite luscious. Like a pizza, but without the risk of tomato stains for my white shirt. Not bad, eh, for sauerkraut on a crust.



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2 responses to “Sauerkraut with a twist (sauerkraut "pizza" with onions and two cheeses)

  1. Bart

    Sint-kliekjesWellicht zijn nieuwe tradities ook leuk om te beginnen, zeker als het om caramel en chocolade gaat. Het teveel aan chocoladeletters en kruidnoten kunnen nuttig worden verwerkt.Het volgende recept behoeft een kleine aanpassing, vervang de chocolade koekjes met (chocolade) kruidnoten en gebruik de chocolade letters voor de topping: met het sint-afkicken-en-restjes-verwerken

  2. Bart

    Sorry, ik moet geloof ik nog even ophelderen dat dit, net als zuurkool bij het najaar hoort :)Groet

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