One Last Summer Night

So there’s the rain. And the no-daylight-when-I-leave the house. There’s definitely wind, and the falling leaves are set to follow soon. Yup: easing into fall has become dealing with fall before I blinked twice.

Well, I suppose a person blinks more than twice in three weeks, so I must have. But if I did, I was too busy moving in my man, putting in overtime at work and planning a trip to Istanbul to notice. Which isn’t too bad, if you think about it, because it means I can post the picture above with impunity. In my world, tomatoes are deep red because summer is still around. I can pair them with buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil and take them outside to call them dinner. Which I don’t, because I would freeze. But I could, believe you me.

More later this week, and with an actual recipe. Just let me catch up on my sleep first.



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3 responses to “One Last Summer Night

  1. Manon

    Still haven't had enough sleep to post a new comment yet? However, tomorrow will be the perfect day for trying out new recipes! Here's what we're going to make: search for me at and you'll find most of the recipes.

  2. Bart

    It was great meeting you, and nice job on all the nice food at M's!seeya,Bart

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