Month of Mayhem

It has been a bit of a month. My inbox has gone from restrained taunting to loud chastising. “Your inbox has reached its size limit.” And when I ignore it, it gets seriously nasty, blocking me from doing anything until I delete at least half of the messages clogging its insides. It’s not just the inbox either: every To Do list I keep has spontaneously multiplying pages, my left and right knees take turns protesting any exercise more strenuous than climbing the stairs to my house and the state of that house… Well, let’s not go there. Do you know that show where two formidable ladies deep clean someone’s place and then bullock them about what a pissy job they had been doing of keeping it respectable? I don’t want them to know about me.

Also, my man nearly died. Or that’s what I thought, anyway, when I had him on the phone from Indonesia, gasping that he was sick, that he didn’t know where he was and that someone was going to help him. Naturally, images of him in a remote hospital full of shamanic healers performing blood-letting ceremonies flashed before my eyes and it was all I could do not to jump on the next plane to Jakarta. The only thing stopping me was that he wasn’t likely to be anywhere near Jakarta and Indonesia is a large country if you are trying to find someone in an unknown hospital in an unknown location. Mercifully, I learned quite quickly that the healers weren’t as much shamanic as fully qualified in Western medicine and treatments in a high-tech decompression chamber were the rituals of their choice. Still, I had a good few uneasy days until he was back in the NL and I could see for myself that he was alive and well.

But now my man is home safe, the academic year is drawing to a close (meaning there is serious one-on-one time on the horizon for my inbox and me while the professors take a break and stop creating work for me for two months or so) and I even vacuumed my floor this morning. It is high time I dust off the keyboard, too, and share some recipes with you. Which I will, starting Tuesday. Come visit me then?


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  1. Bart

    Welcome back and I am glad find you and your BF in good health.As for a new recipe I think you should give the Potato another try ;)

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