Strawberry Love

Things I love about strawberries

· They smell of summer. Just one whiff, and I am in my sun lounger, shaded by a large parasol, sipping a cold drink. In my mind. Because strawberries are not teletransporters.
· They form the base for the quickest, most elegant dessert I know: washed, hulled, quartered strawberries macerated in sugar and balsamic vinegar.
· They make a lusciously refreshing lunch, spread over fresh white bread covered in real butter.
· They look downright festive in a glass of sparkling wine.
· They’re here!

What do you love?

P.S. For the parents:



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2 responses to “Strawberry Love

  1. Harry

    We doen ons best! We haven’t seen one yet. And we’ve seen quite a lot by now. There are 3.123.456 poteries along the ring of kerry. But they did not have this cup. I have to admit though we did not see them all! But we will keep n looking! Oh by te way the tourist shos did not stock them either, nor did the reastaurants where we had tea for this special occssion:( Bye 4 now

  2. Laura

    Hehe. Zo zie je nog eens wat. Hij hoeft niet deze opdruk of kleur te hebben, hoor. Het gaat vooral om de vorm. Bedankt voor het zoeken!

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