Spring Has Sprung (carrot salad)

I work at a university, so I expect to hear some stuff in the workplace that does not normally feature during an office day. I don’t bat an eyelash when I overhear a bragging session about copious amounts of alcohol consumed on a Tuesday night. Teary conversations about how, exactly, “that bastard dumped me” don’t register on my radar anymore. And complaints of “I haven’t been able to do laundry in three weeks” just make me giggle. But today, I was faced with a case of Too Much Information, Entirely.

The local student paper does a piece every week called Cute Couple. Two people are interviewed about their relationship and things they like about each other. You get useless, but entertaining, information like “I love her blue eyes” and “he makes great omelettes”. Apparently, someone thought this was boring and decided to spice things up. This week, they added the question “what’s your favourite sexual position?”.

They answered. For all their colleagues/ fellow students to read.


Much more pleasingly, spring was also announced by students today. When I stepped out of the building during lunch break, there they were. Spread all over the grass, soaking up the rays. Feeble rays, admittedly, but a sure sign of spring nonetheless. Finally. And what better way to celebrate the onset of spring than with a salad? So I give you: carrot salad.

Like all grated carrot salads, this is easy going. You grate a few carrots (just two large carrots gave me the bowl you see above) and mix them with a tablespoon or so of lemon juice. Toss in a good sprinkling of poppy seeds and a handful of raisins. Et voila: carrot salad. No exact directions necessary, but please don’t skip the poppy seeds. They give the mixture that festive crunch perfect for celebrating spring.


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