Things I Learned This Weekend

If you bake brownies for too long, they are unexciting. Even if they consist of melted chocolate, sugar, butter and just a smidgen of flour.

Cheesecakes that look so pretty they deserve a tiara can taste like cardboard.

Sometimes, you bake cookies with half a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger and a tablespoon of ground ginger and they still taste bland.

When you have two wonderful women over for tea, it doesn’t matter if your brownies are over-baked, your cheesecakes are dry and your cookies are non-descript.

Although trying a new cheese puff recipe that yields crisp, airy puffs with gooey bits of cheese in them never hurts.

    Cheese puffs make excellent carriers for big scoops of basil-garlic mayonnaise.

    When you bite a carrot hard enough, it sounds like you are losing a molar. Or your marbles.

    Using a carrot as the nose on a face that has brownies as hair and jaw, cherry tomatoes for a smile and kiwi for eyes looks giggle-inspiring.

    Ikea gravad lax works as well as a treat with tea as it does as an appetizer.

    After you’ve eaten more things than your doctor probably thinks you should, a glass of wine and some crackers with pate still slip down easily.


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    One response to “Things I Learned This Weekend

    1. Manon

      Have to disagree on the brownies, they tasted fine. Brownies can never be wrong. As for the cheesecake: they looked so nice, dry taste is easily forgotten. And I thought it lovely that you cared enough about our lives to try and make a low-fat kind.

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