How do you yolk?

Conversation between my boss and me in the cafeteria at work:

Me: ‘Wow, that yolk looks underdone.”
Him (forking the entire yolk into his mouth): “Mmmm. I like it that way.”
Me: …
Him: “Plus, this way at least we keep the salmonella. My immune system needs the training.”

Actually, I like a runny yolk as much as the next girl (it is the jiggly white around it that made me queasy). I’ve often thought we need to be less afraid of raw eggs and trust our immune systems a bit more. You know, as long as we’re not underage, pregnant or elderly. If we don’t, we miss out on one of the nicest things in life: oozy yolk imparting creamy goodness everywhere it goes. To bread, to salads and, my personal favorite, to meat balls in tomato sauce. And you? How do you like your yolk?

P.S.: Nope, you’re not looking at a mutant egg with five yolks. They’re the left-over yolks from my New Year’s Eve pavlova.

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One response to “How do you yolk?

  1. Manon

    I like my yolks only semi-running. Not very hard, but too soft is not for me (eeew!). However, raw eggs can be very very good. You got me thinking bout chocolate mousse and stuff like that…

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