Blue Cheese Dressing

Today I don’t have a recipe, or a story. Today is a “neat trick’ kind of day. This is for the times when you crave cheese but can’t quite justify eating just cheese and bread. It is a way to get lots of cheese flavor, but also some vitamins and fiber.

Blue cheese and a sturdy kind of vegetable form the basis of this trick. Mash up a smallish chunk of blue cheese (fourme d’ambert and bleu d’auvergne work great, but any crumbly, intensely flavored blue will work; don’t try gorgonzola, though- it is too creamy) with a bit of olive oil until soft. Then add lemon juice (or a mild vinegar of your choice) to make it more liquid and to add some sour to the flavor balance.

Chop a sturdy vegetable of your choice into small bits. Belgian endive and white cabbage are great for this, but I am guessing any non-leafy vegetable will work. Now here comes the trick: Don’t add the cheese to the vegetables and try to get it evenly distributed that way. You will give yourself a tennis elbow and a strong desire to be done with it and stuff your face with the left-over cheese. Instead, mix a bit of the chopped vegetable into the cheese mash and mix until all pieces are coated. Mix in a bit more until coated. Maybe mix in one more handful and then toss the cheesy vegetables in with the non-dressed vegetable. Mix, mix, mix. Add some nuts if you are feeling fancy, and eat.

Not a great recipe, but a good trick to know.


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  1. Manon

    Ever tried blue cheese with spinach and raisins, on (or rolled into) a pancake? Mmmmm also yummie.

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