Food Plans, November 17

This week’s bag’o’vegetables contains kohlrabi, alfalfa, pears for poaching, bok choi and a cauliflower. Left over from last week is a bag of mushrooms and 2kg of apples. Somehow, quite unintendedly, a bag of curly kale also made its way into my shopping basket when I was at the store buying butter and chocolate for brownies. Nothing to do with my crush on Molly’s boiled kale, I promise. (And by “nothing”, I mean “everything”, of course.)

Anyway, lots of fruit and vegetables to get through this week, so I need a plan. Here goes:

Monday: Stir-fried bok choi with peanut dressing, brownies for Pieter
Tuesday: Pasta with Sarah Raven’s Really Rich Tomato Sauce, topped with garlicky mushrooms
Wednesday: Cauliflower soup with nuts and smoked paprika, Deb’s apple muffins for a departing secretary
Thursday: Boiled curly kale with bread and a fried egg, poached pears with cinnamon and star anise
Friday: Dinner at a friend’s house

Let this be a good week.


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  1. Manon

    Cool, you mentioned me in your blog! 🙂

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