There’s a new love in my life: a pair of chocolate brown Ugg boots. They’re soft and warm and wonderful. And beautiful. The old love in my love doesn’t agree. This is what happened after I brought my Uggs home last night:

Old love, aka J: “What’s that on your feet?”
L: “Uggs!”
J: “No? Seriously?”
L: “Yes, really.”
J: ”Oh. I’ll have a proper look later, when I am wearing my glasses.”

This morning:
J: “Hey, there are snow boots in the living room.”
L: “No, those are my Uggs. Aren’t they pretty?”
J: “Uhm… I can’t really tell. I’m not wearing my glasses.” (Disappears into shower.)

Later this morning:
L: “Look, these are my new Uggs.” (Leg in the air, meaningful glances over at the coffee table where old love’s glasses are perched.)
J: (Puts glasses on.) *silence* “Nice.”
L: “You don’t like them, do you? You’re a guy. Guys don’t like them.”
J: *silence*


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