Food love

I love food. Love, love, love it. As in, I want to run away to Tahiti with it and live happily ever after on our own private beach. Or in a shack at the end of the world. Or, you know, eat it. And I do, quite a bit of it. I’m not picky- as long as it isn’t potato, I’ll give it a try. (Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s weird not to like potato. That’s a story for another day.) I try not to play favourites- no good ticking off good ol’ broccoli by systematically choosing chocolate over it. I might need it some day. You know, for health.

But infatuations are liable to strike at any moment. When they do, one particular food (or a set of foods- I’m a bit of a player that way) becomes the favourite, at least for a while. I’ve learned that the most efficient way to overcome these obsessions is to give in. Try to show as much sense as possible and go for it. It’s a hard task, but I have to save my sanity, right?

Wanna now what my current obsessions are?

  1. Crunchy white bread rolls with melted goat’s cheese and some kind of herb (had dinner the past two days with bread’n’cheese and home-made cilantro pesto… mmmm… mmmm)
  2. Cote d’Or chocolate with crushed hazelnut (yup, you guessed it… dessert…)
  3. Nacho chips with jalapeno pepper slices and melted cheese.

And I feel a new one coming on. My stove-top espresso pot (usually reserved for the benefit of my coffee-obsessed brother or boyfriend) has been looking mighty attractive. I am having a latte as soon as I get me some milk. Or three.

Cilantro pesto

Leaves from a biggish bunch of cilantro

Small clove of garlic

Toasted pine nuts, about 1,5 tablespoons

Splash of lemon juice

Pinch of salt

Enough olive oil to make a thick sauce

Whizz together first five ingredients in a small food processor. Add olive oil in little portions at a time, blending to incorporate after each portion. Taste and add lemon juice and/or salt to taste.

(I used a mini food-chopper, powered by my immersion blender, to make this. It was a bit difficult to get the texture I wanted, so I’m trying grinding it in a mortar and pestle next time. Might be easier to control the thickness if I’m blending by hand.)


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