Here we go…

The button is about to fall off the last pair of pants I own that still has one. I am not kidding- all my other pants are buttonless and stay up by zipper power alone. I’d like to think a serious flaw in my sewing skills is causing this epidemic of dropping buttons, but that might not be the only problem… So, time to give my waistbands a break.

Now, I know how to eat healthily, more or less (chocolate’s always confusing- is it good (happy hormones) or bad (much fat and sugar)? and I simply refuse to believe that something as delicious as white, crusty bread can be bad for you). But putting that knowledge into practice? A whole different ballgame. Come dinner time, I can all too often be found shoveling grilled cheese sandwiches or tomatoes-in-a-can based foods into my mouth rather than well-balanced and nutritious meals. No more. Starting today, I am cooking proper food, WITH vegetables, at least every other day. I’ll plan for the meals and shop in advance for stuff my open-conveniently-late supermarket doesn’t have.

Buttons, fear no longer!

This week’s meals:

Claudia Roden’s Kibbeh from the oven with baba ganouj and cacik
Green bean salad with tuna (do cooked green beans with vinaigrette and tuna from a can count as salad?)
Quinoa with leek in mustard sauce, feta and cilantro
Steamed celery with polenta and a boiled egg
Nigella Lawson’s Vietnamese coleslaw


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  1. Manon

    How does the feta qualify for this healthy week, except from the part that it’s cheese and thus irresistable? But am sure you succeeded in the healthy part, since I saw you in buttoned pants. Love, M.

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